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More and more people nowadays are being affected by pollutants in the air. These can cause many different allergies and respiratory ailments. It’s important then, to analyze how good the air quality is in our home, especially as it’s the place we spend most of our time. The bad news […]

How good is the air quality in my home?

We all like to conscious of any potential fire hazard in our home, but what about our garage, especially when its attached to our house? Garage fires can occur very easily, this is because our garage is where we store most of our flammable liquids ( paint cans, varnish, gasoline […]

Tips for Preventing fires in your garage

Buying a home can sometimes feel rather overwhelming. Once you have finally found your home, you then need to deal with all those extra fees you incur, which are referred to as closing costs. These costs can really add up, so here are just a few things you can expect […]

What should I know about Closing Costs?

If you want to prevent ice dams, your main priority should be keeping the whole roof cold and this can be achieved in a couple of different ways. Metal Roof – First and foremost, a metal roof will be a great starting point. Although ice formations can occur on a […]

Preventing Ice Dams

How clean is your well water? Are you buying a home with a private well? What things can contaminate your water? These are all important questions. Below are a few of the things that are common pollutants in well water that are made by people, and something we want all […]

Keeping Your Well Water Clean

Not all water service pipe material can be used for water distribution.  For example, PVC pipe is not usable for water distribution because it cannot tolerate hot water temperatures.  Therefore, water service piping materials that are not certified for water distribution should terminate at or before the full-open valve located […]

Water Lines

It is required that the entire electrical supply to the home be able to be shut off with six or fewer moves of the hand. This can be in the form of one or more knife switches, one or more fuses or fuse blocks, and, most commonly and in more recently […]

The Main Electric Shutoff