Daily Archives: September 8, 2016

Not all water service pipe material can be used for water distribution.  For example, PVC pipe is not usable for water distribution because it cannot tolerate hot water temperatures.  Therefore, water service piping materials that are not certified for water distribution should terminate at or before the full-open valve located […]

Water Lines

It is required that the entire electrical supply to the home be able to be shut off with six or fewer moves of the hand. This can be in the form of one or more knife switches, one or more fuses or fuse blocks, and, most commonly and in more recently […]

The Main Electric Shutoff

Contrary to their aesthetic reputation, metal roofs are sturdy and long-lasting, when properly maintained, and modern paints and powder coatings make them nearly maintenance-free. In the northeast, metal roofs are making a comeback because of their superior ability to shed snow loads quickly. They are also free of the ice-damming problems associated with shingles and tiles. […]

Metal Roofs